News- UK National Archives Pairs with BBC to Present Domesday Reloaded

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UK Public records need to be preserved so everyone has access to information, as the recent public records project Domesday Reloaded proves. In 1986, the BBC Domesday Project was launched.  It was intended to act as archive of people’s everyday lives.  It was supposed to mark the anniversary of the  original 1086 Domesday book; instead, it showed how a rapidly changing technology became obsolete.

The Domesday Book a tax survey of England and Wales for William I of England, aka William the Conquerer. The Domesday Project allowed people to document their lives and preserved the information on laserdisc.  The UK National Archives and the BBC are now presenting Domesday Reloaded, which allows access to the data most people never saw because laserdisc became obsolete.

The digital archives and databases used in the National Archives preserve public records for future generations. Because digital technology and personal information databases are easily updated, access to the public record of past and future is ensured.


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