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UK Public Records Found in the General Register Office (GRO)

In the United Kingdom, the General Register Office, or GRO stores and organizes vital records. These vital records such as birth records, death records, marriage records, and divorce records compromise part of the public record. There is one GRO for England and Wales (the General Register Office for England and Wales), another GRO for Scotland (the General Register Office for Scotland), and another GRO for Northern Ireland, (the General Register Office for Northern Ireland, which is managed through NiDirect).

4 thoughts on “About the UK General Register Office (GRO)

  1. HI

    I am inquiring of the following records Death Certificate,Coroners report,Autopsy report.Inquest finding and Medical cert.of Death Complete by Register Medical practitioner.

    How can I get all the information from your end.Name of my Father is Anthony Peter Beerepoot.


    1. Linda, you will want to contact the relevant UK medical authorities directly. The resources you can access through our public record website will not have that specific UK death record information available

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